Proxy Voting

i) Policy for Proxy Voting

NOMURA ASSET MANAGEMENT ("NAM" or "we" hereafter) has the fiduciary duty (a duty to manage our business activities in the best interest of our clients) to do our best to enhance returns for our clients as an investment manager. To fulfill our duties as well as our role, we will encourage investee companies to realize appropriate management practices (including initiatives directed at ESG issues) and thereby encourage them to enhance corporate value and achieve sustainable growth by engaging with them and exercising our proxy voting rights in a proper manner based on this Policy we have established. We also encourage investee companies to operate their businesses in the best interests of their shareholders over the long term through our proper proxy voting activity.

For specific contents, please refer to the file below.

  • (Note 1)This Policy applies for investee companies globally.
  • (Note 2)Based on the "Global Proxy Voting Policy," these Proxy Voting Standards define the proxy voting standards required specifically for investee companies that are listed in Japan.

ii) Organizational Structure in Relation to Proxy Voting

Decisions regarding proxy voting will be made by the Responsible Investment Committee. The Responsible Investment Committee comprises a Chairperson appointed by the Executive Management Committee, and other members who have been appointed by the Chairperson. We have established an organizational structure that enables highly transparent decision making through the participation of outside directors on the Responsible Investment Committee.
Operations in relation to proxy voting will be executed by each Department in charge of respective roles and tasks.

iii) Proxy Voting Result