Investment Risks and Costs

Costs Associated with Financial Products (Fees and Other Costs)

Customers pay the following expenses.

All information on this website is intended for information purpose only and does not constitute a solicitation of an offer to buy any investment product nor to enter into an investment advisory agreement with Nomura Asset Management to any persons. The following fees and expenses are charged to investors of our investment products. We can only provide a general description of our fee calculation formula here, as fee rates will vary depending on the specific product characteristics or the specific contract with each of our clients.

  • As a consideration of our investment advisory services, fees equivalent to the sum of the assets under contract multiplied by the agreed-upon percentage fee rate (%) will be charged depending on the length of the contract.
    [Calculation formula] Assets amount under contract x fee rate (%) x length of the contract (days) / 365
  • Based on mutual agreement, we may adopt a performance-based fee structure or a combination of performance-based fee structure and the flat fee structure mentioned above. We are unable to provide detailed calculation nor the maximum fee for performance-based fee structure as the actual advisory fee vary depending on the investment performance of the relevant strategy, and the agreed terms with each client. Performance-based fee structures will be negotiated individually between client and Nomura Asset Management.
  • Separate from the investment advisory fees, securities trading consignment fees and expenses related to the custody of securities will also be deducted from the contracted assets. It is not possible to specify the rate or maximum amount in advance as such fees would vary depending on the status of the investment.
  • Nomura Asset Management may, based on its discretionary investment decisions, purchase investment trust products to be included in a portfolio under a discretionary investment contract. In such cases, expenses such as investment trust management fees, sales company and management company fees, and fees charged when converting investment trusts to cash would incur. If such cases investment trust products are issued by our own company or one of our group companies, the investment advisory fees may be adjusted to avoid double payment of management fees. The adjustment calculation methods are specified in each contract. Total investment advisory fees paid by the client shall amount to investment advisory fees less the investment management fees associated with the purchased investment trust products.

Investment Risks Associated with Financial Products

The financial instrument transactions conducted on behalf of the client shall include investments made in shares, bonds with new share warrants, bonds issued by public corporations, and other instruments (including cases where investments are made via investment trusts and through Limited Partnerships). Consequently, the prices of shares and other investments may decline as a result of the effects of domestic and overseas economic variables and political circumstances, fluctuations in interest rates, and changes in the performance and financial standing of the issuing entities, resulting in investment losses.
Financial products may also make use of derivative transactions. Such transactions utilize leverage in excess of the margin amount, and if prices change as a result of the fluctuations in the securities and indexes that serve as the underlying assets, it is possible that losses in excess of the amount of the margin deposited will be incurred. Also, the leverage rates vary continuously as a result of changes in investment policies and domestic and overseas market environments, and consequently they cannot be specified in advance. During the terms of derivative transactions, Nomura Asset Management shall deposit margins taken from the contract assets in amounts that it determines to be suitable based on calculations performed by the securities companies with which the orders are placed.

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