Our Approach/Our Structure

Our Approach

i) Attention to Social Responsibilities

We believe it is essential for companies to act consistently and in a proper manner, as this is the foundation of sustainable business activity.
"Compliance" involves much more than just following regulations, it includes aspects of corporate behavior such as commonly agreed practices and the observance of internal rules and regulations that enable companies to take appropriate action.
Moreover, we believe that a company's efforts in relation to social responsibilities that are included within the ESG framework, such as attention to environmental impact, corporate citizenship and effective governance, will lead to the enhancement of long-term corporate value.

ii) Value Creation through Capital Efficiency

Companies in which we invest need to create value by utilizing their capital efficiently and in a way that exceeds capital cost over the medium to long term. Such value creation is necessary for companies to contribute to society.

iii) Performance of Corporate Governance Function

Corporate governance practices should be implemented accordingly to enhance capital efficiency, to achieve sustainable growth, and to create corporate value.

iv) Information Disclosure and Dialogue with Investors

Companies need to demonstrate their accountability by issuing timely and proper public disclosures in order for investors to precisely understand the fundamentals of each investee company. We also believe that investee companies should engage in active dialogue with investors to adequately relay investors' opinions to corporate management.

Our Structure

Our objective is to achieve the best investment performance for our clients.

  • Responsible Investment Committee: determines NAM's company policy regarding stewardship activities. In principle, the Committee's members are limited to officers and professionals who can make decisions regarding investment management and research, while anyone who is in a position that could involve a conflict of interest (or his or her representatives) is excluded.
  • Responsible Investment Council: established under the Board of Directors; the RI Council consists of the Chief Conflict Officer and independent outside directors only. It monitors all decisions made by the Responsible Investment Committee.