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Notes Concerning Investment Trusts

  • Investment trusts invest in securities and other instruments such as shares and public corporation bonds whose prices are subject to change (when investments are made in assets denominated in foreign currencies, there are also risks associated with changes in currency exchange rates), and therefore, base prices are subject to change. Consequently, unlike deposits with financial institutions, investment principals are not guaranteed.
  • Gains and losses resulting from investment in an investment trust shall be imputed to the customers who purchased the investment trust.
  • Investment trusts are not subject to deposit insurance.
  • Unlike amounts guaranteed under deposit insurance, funds received for investment in investment trusts are not guaranteed.
  • Investment trusts are not insurance and are not subject to the Non-life Insurance Policy-holders Protection Corporation.
  • Unlike securities companies, registered financial institutions are not members of Japan Investor Protection Fund.
  • When making investments, be sure to read the investment trust prospectus provided to you.